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About Us

Hobbs & Co was born out of a passion for wine and a desire to share the stories of wines discovered and enjoyed by our travels. We have been fortunate to be able to grow our business gradually, with an emphasis on exceptional personal service and on quality wines of exceptional value. The fledgling company that began 24 years ago has flourished.

While we celebrate each new vintage from our roster of long-standing, noteworthy producers, our portfolio continues to evolve and expand to meet changing consumer tastes. And today, in addition to wine, that ‘story with every glass’ includes an exciting list of Hobbs-endorsed beer, cider and spirits.

We look forward to sharing our remarkable brands with you.

The Dean's List

Our goal with The Dean's List program is to help you pick great wines that you will like based on how I describe them. Then we deliver them right to your front door!

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